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Yes, no, no, I completely agree, I completely agree. I think the reason I'm stressing this is out of an attempt to avoid the kind of muddled thinking which I -- where I think you think: "This is going to make this person happier so I have a duty to do it, or this is going to make this person have a life that is worse in simply subjective terms of how it feels, and therefore it counts as something I have a duty not to do." It seems to me that the kind of benefits we want to focus on include the kind you're drawing attention to, where it's a benefit of knowing the truth about something, even if that actually makes my life get worse in the sense of my subjective feelings.

I just wanted to draw attention to that partly in order to stress that I think sometimes where it looks like there's a tension between respect for readers and respect for subjects of stories that's not necessarily true. Have I got time to just say a moment about that?

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