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That's right. I thought I would insert a paragraph into my statement to that effect just because quite often one response to the plurality debate is: well, can't we just leave it to the normal workings of competition law, competition policy? And while the outcome of competition law can help the plurality of news provision, it doesn't necessarily provide all of the things which we, as a society, might want in terms of range and diversity of news, and hence there is, in addition to competition -- the competition framework, a public interest framework which I think needs to be applied.

I suppose the analogy I would use is rather like -- if you think about supermarkets, the competition authorities can make sure that there is effective competition between four or five main supermarket chains and that they behave sensibly in terms of pricing and quality of goods, but what competition law can't do, I suggest, is make sure that they all offer a very big range and diversity of products if it's not in their economic interests to do so. So there are similar effects at work in the news market too.

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