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Absolutely. I was going on to say that it's not clear to me that that is any worse than the position we had in the past, although you could argue that even the partisan newspapers did tend to include a sort of range of different commentators and views which you might not otherwise have come across, to varying degrees in varying newspapers, but I was going to say that looking further at this, the evidence so far seems to be fairly inconclusive, because some studies have been done which show that the effect of using digital media channels simply complements what people were accessing already through their traditional news media rather than substitutes for it.

So, for instance, there's been a piece of research done by the Pugh Centre of the US, which I think found that social media in particular tend to provide news stories which are incremental to the news which people were already accessing, rather than narrowing down the field.

Nevertheless, I think it's one of those things which many people have written about and we shall be aware of.

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