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Well, they could be. It's one of the things which I talk about in the report which I've written for the Reuters Institute. As you say, there are different categories of digital intermediary which I've tried to identify, they're not all the same and they have different characteristics, but they all do provide channels by which we, as users, can access a range of news suppliers. So we need to be interested -- should be interested in what they do and how they arrange their activities.

What I did in my report was look at four different aspects of their activity: the extent to which they are increasingly important channels through which we access news, the extent to which they themselves take what I'd describe as editorial-like decisions about the content they provide, their impact on the overall economics of news provision, which could be quite significant, and finally, whether they have the appetite for and the capacity to exercise any significant degree of political influence. It seems to me obviously true that those are four quite important areas that we should try and understand in thinking about the future of the news market.

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