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If I could just add a word of explanation on the positive support, just to set the context. It seems to me that quite your remit is quite rightly focused on the areas we've discussed so far. More generally though, if we are interested in news plurality, it is worth noting that the majority of news people still get is from television and in that respect not only the BBC but the commercial news providers have a key role to play and it would seem to be missing an opportunity of not taking an overview of plurality measures in this case and omitting a consideration of, for example, the measures which are open to government to sustain high quality news on ITV or to get more of a plurality push from the BBC. So I understand it's not your main area of focus but I think it is quite an important part of the overall toolkit.

More generally, thank you for the opportunity of giving you my views. As I say in my witness statement, I think what I was trying to do was think of a set of proposals which provided what I described as a sensible balance between safeguarding plurality, but at the same time as enabling the news market to grow and innovate. I think it will be messy. I don't think there's a single plurality magic bullet, but I think the range of measures which we talked about this afternoon I would hope would go some way towards providing a more flexible, adaptable and predictable environment for these issues to be discussed and regulated.

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