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We are analysing how the internal boards within the Press Complaints Commission -- press councils are structured, and in particular, looking at the relative role of these boards and the presence or absence of these boards as separate entities within the commissions. So, for example, in just to pick an example, Austria has a body of trustees, a council, an ombudsman and a complaints commission, whereas Denmark only has a main council and a separate complaints commission.

This is relevant because there is quite a broad range of different tiers and levels within press councils, particularly in the light of a discussion which I know has been going on about whether it may be appropriate or useful to involve an ombudsman, for example, as a first call for complaints, and that's something that we recommend should be considered.

What the table does is simply analyse -- just present for you the range of different structures. It doesn't go into a huge amount of detail on what's behind these tables, and they are, of necessity, simplifications.

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