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Just to take the example of the Press Complaints Commission, the power to initiate complaints has really only extremely rarely been used. I believe it does exist, but the ability, for example, in relation to privacy violations or in relation, for example, to the McCanns, to act also when there are no complaints -- the Press Council seems to have been very reluctant to do that. But the -- as I said, the power is there. I think the power should stay there, and it would enable the -- particularly if the co-regulatory body was involved, an ombudsman, potentially on the Irish model, that body should have the power and use the power to start investigations of its own accord.

There may be, for example, in relation to collective victims of misrepresentation in the press, who currently have a lot of difficulty with complaints -- there may be significant areas where the ombudsman would be able to improve awareness, improve journalistic practices and act as a kind of a feedback mechanism, and part of that would be that they would be able to initiate some complaints.

It's not something I would see done very frequently, but the regulator in general needs to have more powers and more freedom of movement.

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