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My fundamental question is: why is it in there? Why is there the reference to the plurality of the media in these terms of reference? I don't think it would be convincing to argue that it is in there in case the self-regulatory structure that you suggest somehow impacts on plurality of the media. I would argue that it is in there because of the reasons I mentioned: not the ethical failures that we've heard so much about this year in themselves, in terms of phone hacking, et cetera, but because of the more fundamental problem, which was the cover-up, what is viewed as a failure by various institutions and politicians to deal with this. It is that which is explained by the problem of a concentrated press.

So, just to repeat the point, this Inquiry has been asked to deal with these issues in the light of what has clearly been a failure and the admission of a failure and the admission of a need to kowtow to press interests on the part of politicians. For me, that's my interpretation of these terms of reference.

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