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It also relates to -- it's difficult to take different parts of this structure and analyse them individually. It depends. If you have a system of -- with clear, fixed limits and there's less discretion for this Commission, the accountability problem arguably goes away, whereas if you have -- for example, the co-ordinating committee for media reform is suggesting a very interesting model, which is a system of triggers and thresholds. So when you go above the 15 per cent trigger, in effect there is a menu of undertakings, and if you agree to those undertakings, that, in a sense, is a licence for bigness, that public interest obligations are applied to you.

In that kind of system, you may want some kind of accountability, but even in that kind of system I wouldn't want -- I think we've seen quite dramatically the discretion exercised by ministers in merger decisions and where that gets us. I think that they should be removed from these decisions entirely.

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