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Yeah, they could do. They could ring us up and tell us what the story is. That's needless to say that it wouldn't get published and it wouldn't go any further. The way the system would work is I would take that call myself. If somebody in the office answered the call, it would be passed on to me. I would listen to what was said, decide then how that information was obtained. If it was obtained properly, then that information would then be passed on to a reporter, who would look at that set of -- a reporter at a newspaper, not a reporter with their own company; we don't employ any reporters within our company -- passed on to a reporter in a newspaper who would look at the story again, decide himself the validity of the story and the legality of it, pass it on to his legal team before it went anywhere near a newspaper -- so there would be lots of checks done before anything like that happened but it's a hypothetical situation.

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