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No, I removed the website on purpose when that story came out because of the inappropriateness of the wording on the website and how out of date that website was. The website was -- "broken" is the kind of easy term to use, in 2010, because the company who made it were unable any longer to operate the database editor for the website. So from that date onwards, we were not able to edit anything on that website. The website -- we were trying to get it fixed, but we've had to get it recommissioned and it's almost finished being redesigned. The work's been going on for the last 14 months on that website, to get it redesigned and put back up.

The reason we didn't take it off is because primarily that website is advertising PR photographer services, which it is a major part of our business. Since taking the website off, we've obviously lost all of the work we've put into the Google ad campaigns on that site. So it was a commercially suicidal decision to take it off.

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