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Yes. There was a story that came into the paper that this prominent police person in charge of special operations at the time at New Scotland Yard was having an affair with somebody who worked at the Independent Police Complaints Commission. At that time, that police officer's department was being investigated by the IPCC for a very serious incident which took place in London, and that, as far as I understood it, was the public interest angle on the story.

So I was sent to photograph the lady involved in the story to ascertain whether she was still married to her husband, who was a serving police officer himself. So I went to the home address and took a photograph of them leaving their home address together.

We then -- I was then told to go and follow her from work that evening, which I did. I followed her to a pub in Liverpool Street called The Griffin -- I understand it's called The Griffin -- where she did indeed meet with Andy Hayman. They had drinks.

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