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They're earlier jobs. I mean, I can give you all those examples. I mean, the guy that looks after the scrapyard that holds the Lockerbie aircraft, he was selling bits of the aircraft off to souvenir hunters. If I get a camera out and photograph him, he's not going to sell me that aeroplane part. But we bought parts of the Lockerbie plane and he wouldn't have done that if I'd have held a camera in his face.

I've been beaten up in the street by having a camera out because members of the public think that we are some sort of criminal because we're photographers. It is that bad. Security men think they can throw us in bushes and up against walls and beat us up just for having a camera out. I feel far safer in the back of my van with a hidden camera. I really, really do. And at the end of the day, all we're trying to do is prove the truth, because somebody is phoning in a false story.

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