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Yes. "Tuleta" is a kind of over-arching name for a number of discrete investigations. We're conducting an assessment of 101 separate allegations of data intrusion. These include allegations of phone hacking, computer hacking, improper access to medical, banking and other personal records.

In order to undertake this assessment, we've collated relevant documentation from previous inquiries and looked at electronic storage devices which had been previously seized in other inquiries. And we're gathered between 8 and 12 terabytes of data across 70 storage devices, which we're searching for evidence to either support or contradict the allegations that have been made by these 101 individuals. That's a very substantial amount of documentation and data.

I know the last time I was here I was hopeless in answering your question as to what that might amount to, so I've done some homework and a terabyte, if downloaded in the form of a kind of normal-size paperback, which is then piled on top of one another, I'm told the terabyte amounts to three and a half times the height of Everest. So between 8 and 12 terabytes, whilst leaving rather a large margin of error, I agree, it's still a substantial amount of documentation.

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