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Thank you.

This is an interesting moment. Save for a number of what might be described as "loose ends" or "updates", The gathering of formal evidence by the examination of witnesses is now at an end. It only leaves me to thank all those who have worked very hard to maintain the timetable which has pressed upon us from start to finish.

So I start by thanking all those who participated as core participants, their legal teams, all those who, as Mr Rhodri Davies has observed, work invisibly under the surface as well as those who are visible, for doing what they can to provide information timeously and ensure that the Inquiry has kept on track.

I thank the Inquiry Team, Mr Jay, counsel and all those who work as part of the team in a different part of this building for their efforts, never-ending, again to keep the Inquiry on track.

And I thank the press who have reported on the Inquiry, either from here or in the marquee, for keeping everybody informed as to what's gone on.

For most of you, I suppose, the task is now done and you can move on to other productive work. For me and for the team, however, we have only just started.

I will produce a report as soon as I reasonably can. I recognise the urgency of the matter and the need to provide my views for the consideration of the Government and all those interested parties speedily, so that decisions can be made as to the way forward.

As I have said, if anything happens over the next months which I feel impacts on the work of the Inquiry, I will not hesitate in bringing it up, and if that means that we will rendezvous back in this room again, so be it, but in the meantime, thank you all very much.

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